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Hunter Express Trucking Ltd. thrives upon one core conviction: that doing what we do best in the best ways we know how plays a critical role in every customer’s ongoing growth, which in turn shapes our legacy every day as one of North America’s most trusted and dependable freight service providers. Every day begins with a mission to deliver the most efficient freight forwarding to every destination with uncompromising standards for professionalism, courtesy, efficiency and safety.

Through world-class dedication and our industry’s most flexible experience-proven practices, we strive to first meet and then exceed every customer’s expectations – every haul, every day, 365 days a year across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

No freight is valuable enough for us to place human lives at risk on the highway. We guarantee that every shipment will be handled with strictly our industry’s safest and best practices from the instant we take possession until the last goods leave our trailer.

Lost time is lost money – ours and yours. In absolutely any instance that the interest of safety allows, your schedule is our highest priority. We will keep you apprised with to-the-moment progress of your shipment, including preemptive On-Time and Delay notifications preceding your freight’s immediate arrival for your preparation and convenience.

From our tightly secured facilities to our highly trained drivers, your freight never leaves our immediate supervision. Every Hunter Express power unit is equipped with the industry’s most trusted GPS and TMS software to guarantee that your shipment could only be under closer surveillance if it were standing before your very eyes.

Across North America, companies driven to be the best are driven by Hunter Express.